Bamboo Sprout

Bamboo Sprout is a typical food of Japanese cuisine, in many respects similar to asparagus, with very interesting nutritional properties.

Externally the bud is covered by a thick and very resistant wrapping of leaves and opening it, inside, we can find a pulpy bud of cream-white color. The texture is crunchy and the flavor is delicate and unmistakable even if once boiled it acquires a fairly neutral flavor adapting for this to the different dishes.

Bamboo sprouts offer several benefits for the health of our body and being a vegetable low in fat and sugar, with only 27 calories, is indicated in low-calorie diets and to lose weight.

They are also characterized by interesting nutrients In fact according to Washington State University and Panjab University in India Introducing the Sprout within a normal diet this effectively reduces free radicals that can produce carcinogenic substances harmful, can also be used to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, helping to improve appetite and digestion. It also has B vitamins that are essential for the proper metabolic functioning of the body including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) and pantothenic acid and is rich in minerals such as copper and manganese.

Recent discoveries have also confirmed the presence of small amounts of other electrolytes and essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Among the latter mentioned copper is required by our body for the production of red blood cells while iron is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and cellular respiration. Very important is also the potassium, present in good quantities in the bamboo bud (533 mg per 100 gr). This mineral is very important for controlling blood pressure and helps to counteract the negative effects of sodium within the human body.

As for bamboo extract, this is also very rich in silica, a beneficial mineral capable of preventing osteoporosis, bone pain, and premature skin aging.


Going down a bit on the practical aspects we see how to choose and Keep the Bamboo Sprout.

The fresh bamboo sprout is a seasonal delicacy, however, vacuum or canned, it can be available all year in supermarkets more provided.

The fresh is to be preferred to the canned one, as for all fruits and vegetables, but you have to look for the one harvested recently (in spring especially). When choosing pay attention to firm and heavy ones with intact leaves and wide base. Soft or dry roots should be avoided because they indicate less freshness and probably less pleasant taste.

Once purchased and chosen the fresh bamboo should be consumed preferably freshly harvested or stored keeping the entire bamboo shoot peeled and wrapped in a paper or cloth and placed inside the refrigerator where it remains fresh for 2/3 days.