May - Watering the bamboo grove


Drip irrigation is the most suitable method for ensuring excellent bamboo health. This micro-irrigation is carried out with special drip emitters that allow only the root area to be watered.: the rhizome thus obtains the right ratio of water and oxygen in a constant manner, without the surrounding soil becoming too compact and thus impairing its development, which is why it is necessary to ‘water just enough’ so that the soil does not dry out. a

Drip irrigation also prevents water from wetting the foliage or stem: these parts of the plant must remain as dry as possible in order to avoid diseases that could harm the cultivation.

A little extra care, however, must be taken in the summer season.

Exceptional’ cases, on the other hand, are to be evaluated as needed: in the first 2 to 3 years and in the case of very dry seasons, an additional water supply may be necessary. After this time, the bamboo grove can also withstand extreme droughts.