March - Harvesting Bamboo Shoots

The bamboo shoot should be harvested at a certain point in its growth, when it is already quite developed, but before it starts to lignify at the basal part.

Harvesting methods are different and can be done with a knife or a hoe (OnlyMoso customers can find videos explaining harvesting by clicking on the ‘Sprout Delivery’ section at the bottom of the service newsletter).

To harvest it, it will be necessary to dig around the sprout and apply pressure right where the sprout attaches to the rhizome. Once that point is found, it is necessary to give it a sharp blow (because the bamboo shoot is hard to cut!) and at the same time make a small rotation of the shoot itself to make it easier to detach.

But what characteristics does a bamboo shoot have to have in order to be suitable for shrinkage?

  • MIN. height 15 cm
  • MINIMUM diameter of 5 cm or more
  • Gathered with a clean cut
  • No soil and/or foreign material (straw, etc.) must be present.
  • The cut must be as horizontal as possible
  • The cut must leave a portion of white basal ‘hoof’ (e.g. asparagus)

Conferring the Bamboo Sprout