giant bamboo

Growing OnlyMoso bamboo, a variety of giant bamboo, Phyllostachys edulis (or pubescent), which possesses excellent production, quality and adaptability characteristics. This species grows well in temperate climates and also tolerates temperatures below -20° C.
Cultivating bamboo offers two income possibilities:

– shoots (which are harvested approximately 4 springs after planting).
– wood (which takes between 5 and 8 years).

Harvesting the sprouts does not harm the plantations; on the contrary, thinning favours the harmonious growth of the crop as there are 2 harvesting seasons: the spring months when the sprouts intended for food use are cut and from September to February the adult culms (the stems) are cut.
In terms of quality, hardness and strength, bamboo wood is comparable to woods such as oak and walnut.



How does the cultivation of bamboo

take place?

Cultivating bamboo, as it is a grass, requires the same tillage as a wheat field.
Despite the plant’s reputation for invasiveness, in order to effectively contain the spread of bamboo rhizomes, it is sufficient to surround the cultivated plot with a ditch of about 60-70 cm. The rhizomes do not go beyond this depth and a natural barrier is created that will not be breached by the rhizomes – In addition, cutting the shoots growing on the ditch stops lateral growth.

Best solution

for plant design:


  • study the tracing of paths to create passable lanes of about three to four metres suitable for transporting production with tractors and carts.
  • They indicate and plan the type of irrigation for the initial planting (with the right irrigation, the seedlings will develop faster and lay the foundation for optimal production);
  • recommend initial mulching, which saves water and protects young shoots.

An OnlyMoso bamboo forest reaches maturity between 5 and 10 years, depending on climatic conditions, soil and type of cultivation. After the first 4 years or so, the first sprout harvest takes place, but in particular favourable seasons, the sprout harvest can also take place after only 2 years.

Turnkey planting: WATCH VIDEO




grow bamboo?

Those who claim that bamboo is a plant foreign to our territory forget that most of the food we eat and the woody essences we use come from plants brought from distant countries and continents.

Each period of change brings new challenges.

OnlyMoso® bamboo is a winning answer to the new market and production requirements in the agricultural field. It is a wonderful plant, generous in production, simple and undemanding. Furthermore, a bamboo grove is a cultivation of exceptional beauty, which blends perfectly into the landscape and enhances it. It is no coincidence that bamboo has long been used in gardens for ornamental decorative purposes.

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