The fields of application of Bamboo Onlymoso are countless
Invest in a thriving and up-to-date market and build your Giant Bamboo Green Mine!
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The Onlymoso® nurseries and the Consorzio Bambù Italia® produce certified professional giant bamboo plants for commercial and industrial production.
The Onlymoso® selection of giant bamboo is ideal for our climate (withstands up to -20 – C) and has characteristics of high productivity, both of sprouts (7/15 t/ha) and culms (over 50 t/ha per year). At full maturity it reaches average diameters between 12/15 cm and heights from 14/20mt.
Bamboo products target the food & no-food market, are extremely valuable and meet a rapidly growing market.
Marketing is guaranteed by theConsorzio Bambù Italia®.

Each part of the Onlymoso® Giant Bamboo has an employment and a function and also has a high commercial value:

  • The quality of its wood is better, for hardness and resistance, than many precious woods, such as oak and walnut;
  • The sprouts (for many the “food of the future”) represent a delicious food, thanks mainly to their beneficial properties and nutritional components;
  • The renewal of the leaves represents, for the OnlyMoso® forest, a real mulch and natural fertilization;
  • OnlyMoso® plants are equipped with natural antibacterial and antifungal substances that block the development of harmful parasites, do not require the use of pesticides as is the case for other types of crops and are sustainable

All these features make bamboo and its derivatives perfectly in line with the needs of our society increasingly turned towards a healthy diet and the use of ecological and renewable products.

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