April - Spring thinning


The bamboo grove is ‘waking up’ showing us the beginning of the new budding.

If you have already dealt with autumn cane thinning in your planting last autumn or even better in the last two, we would like to advise you on a new and effective agronomic operation aimed at maximising and improving plant structure.

We are talking about spring thinning also known as GERMOGLIAL SELECTION; in a healthy plant that has already been thinned in the autumn, we recommend selecting (in fact breaking!) the small shoots before they are given a chance to become cane.

By doing so, we anticipate much of the work that would otherwise have to be done in the autumn, with the advantage of using these periods of maximum vegetative thrust to focus our forces on the largest and most ‘deserving’ shoots.

Let us give you a practical example:

If I have an average of 3 cm. diameter canes in the well-developed plantation, with new shoots even exceeding 5 cm. in diameter, all shoots less than or equal to 2 cm. in diameter must be removed.

Obviously, where there are areas of the field where there are ONLY 2 cm shoots. diameter, these are not part of the selection.

Please note that our technical support service is at your disposal for any clarification!