As a first point it seems right to dwell on what is, specifically, an agro-industrial industry

The agro-industrial sector means all the main activities, technologies and resources that contribute to the creation, processing, distribution, marketing and supply of a finished product; in the stricter sense, means all the companies that contribute to the supply chain of a given product.

and why it can really be a new opportunity for farmers

In fact, it allows to position the production deriving from the crops on more rows, already well started and run-in and that are able to require thousands of tons of product every year.
This will ensure greater safety for farmers who are not in the least concerned about where and how to sell their produce.

In summary, bamboo is ideal for this solution because we are talking about an extremely generous plant capable of producing huge quantities of biomass every year.

If you compare it to other similar crops is able to produce 10 times more, with the advantage that to be grown does not require expensive and polluting treatments. It is therefore a sustainable and environmentally friendly biomass.

The biomass produced has been characterized and tested over the last few years by our research and development team. The results obtained allowed us to make the first agreements with important companies in various sectors: cellulose, feed and agro-energy.