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Europe's largest nursery for the production of Bamboo mother plants:
20 hectares and 480 greenhouses dedicated to this cultivation

Bamboo Nursery

Growing bamboo in Italy

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We have combined research and technology in agriculture to provide new business opportunities for investors and farmers who want to diversify their crops and secure the profitability of their land.

In our nursery, we have started selecting the best quality of giant bamboo: phyllostachys edulis, in order to obtain plants suitable for the temperate microclimate.

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Environmental Projects promoted by Consorzio Bambù Italia that help the Environment by absorbing large amounts of Carbon Dioxide.

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The rapid growth of our bamboo groves

Growing bamboo in Italy

Biomass Project

The Bambù Italia Consortium, through its member companies, has signed supply chain contracts with prestigious companies, which will use biomass produced by bamboo plantations established on local territory.
The estimated production of biomass from bamboo is between 15 and 50 times more than the production of a traditional extensive cultivation.



Bringing bamboo cultivation to Italy to give new business opportunities to farmers and investors.
Select the best varieties of bamboo suited to the temperate microclimate to give certain and high quality results. To realise and certify an all-Italian bamboo supply chain.


Communicating our passion for innovation and research and being pioneers in creating opportunities for growth, development and beauty. To create a network of people who communicate and experience innovation as the only viable way to respond to the demand for personal and economic evolution.

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